Lenin Peak Base Camp Trek

8 Days of High Altitude Trekking in the Pamir - Alay Mountains of Kyrgyzstan

Detailed Tour Information about the Lenin Peak Base Camp Trek

Tour Overview: Lenin Peak Base Camp Trek (8 Days)

Destination: Pamir-Alay Mountains, southern Kyrgyzstan

Tour Title: Lenin Peak Base Camp Trek

Duration: 8 days / 7 nights

Accommodation: 2-night camping (tents) / 1 nights guest house / 4 nights yurt camps

Trekking Distance: 100 km

Max Elevation / Min Elevation: 5,130 meters / 2,186 meters

Total Elevation Gain/Loss: 5403m+ / 4308m-

Months Possible: July – early September

Difficulty: Difficult – due to the high altitude of Peak Lenin Base Camp (4,400 meters / 14,435 and Yuhina Peak (5,130 meters / 16,830 feet)

Start/End Point: Osh city, Kyrgyzstan

Transportation services: If you need additional transportation or private transfer in Kyrgyzstan after your tour ends, just let us know when you book this tour and we can arrange this for you.

Note: The length of the tour can be adjusted according to your schedule and desired length (e.g., the 5-day Jiptick Pass to Lenin Peak Glaciers includes Traveler’s Pass, but not Base Camp). The trek does not involve ice climbing nor requires special equipment (crampons, ice-ax), except sturdy trekking boots.

                              Map of the Lenin Peak Base Camp Trek

Blue line Unpaved transportation road Red line Trekking routes


Detailed Itinerary of the Lenin Peak Base Camp Trek: Day by Day


Driving distance: 4-hours,   Meals: D,   Accommodation: Homestay

Depart from historic Osh City to the village of Kojokelen (2200m), the starting point of the trek. There is remarkable scenery along the way to Kojokelen village, so enjoy the ride! After 3,5 hours of driving, we reach the village, a quiet rural village nestled in the foothills. Before dinner, take a short walk to the beautiful gorge above the village. We will enjoy a home-cooked dinner and an overnight stay at a family-run guesthouse


Nomads migration with their herd of cattle to mountains



Trekking distance/time: 12 km/7-hour,  Ascent/Descent: 1013 m/ 412 m

Meals: B, L, D, Accommodation: Yurt camp

After breakfast, we say “Goodbye” to our hosts and start our trekking by crossing the wooden bridge. We start ascending the uphill for 5-hours with spectacular views of the gorge with red rock formations. The red rock formations forming the “Three Dragon Gorge ”is one of the most beautiful spots in all of Kyrgyzstan. Views of the rugged Kichik Alay Mountains open up on top of the pass. From there, follow the path as it winds along the edge of the hills. You can see the snow-covered Pamir landscapes in the distance with various grades of high-, mid-, and low alpine landscapes along the way. The trail then descends through the evergreen juniper forest into a beautiful Kosh-Moinok valley (40 minutes). Time to rest. Enjoy a home-cooked meal and overnight in a yurt camp.


Break Time at Sary-Bell Pass 3,132 m



Trekking distance/time: 20 km/ 8-hour,  Ascent/Descent: 1749 m/ 868 m  

Meals: B, L, D, Accommodation: Yurt camp, 

The second day is relatively strenuous and uphill. We fuel ourselves with a generous breakfast before setting off. The trail becomes steep and ascends approximately 400 meters through grass meadows and pastures to Koshmoinok Pass at 3,210 m (1 hour). After the pass, the trail winds its way down through evergreen trees and continues to the edge of the valley until it reaches Kyzyl Shoro village (2 hr). Break for lunch in the village at a homestay. Enjoy a hearty home-cooked meal, charge your devices and take a quick hot shower. After lunch, almost flat walk until you get to the next village. At this point, the trail turns away to the south and from the trailhead begins the steep 9 km climb along the well-trodden path through fields filled with grazing cows and shepherd’s yurts inviting you for tea. As the trek progresses through the valley, the trail cuts back and forth across the river several times. With the increase in elevation, the terrain begins to change from mid-mountain green forest to high alpine rocky and dry landscapes. Finally, the Campsite! After 4-5 hours of intensive trekking, we reach our yurt camp.  Dinner and overnight in a family-run yurt at 3,600 meters. 


Up to Beshkol camp



Trekking distance/time: 15 km/ 7-hours, Ascent/Descent: 925 meters/ 1053 meters

Meals: B, L, D, Accommodation: Yurt camp

After breakfast, we head to Sary Mogul Pass at 4,306 meters. Walk along the stream all the way up to the foot of the pass (1,5 hours). Head up to the top of the pass on a barely seen trail in a zigzag formation on loose scree (1 hour). The ascent to the pass is steep and covered in loose scree. As you arrive at the pass, the glaciated peaks and alpine lakes begin to appear. Enjoy your accomplishment at the top of the pass with its otherworldly and stunning views. While descending, some parts of trails are a bit challenging as the trail is narrow and the terrain is composed mainly of scree and small pebbles. We break for lunch at the riverbank with glacier views all around. After lunch, we head into a valley to follow the small stream all the way to a finish point of the trail (3 hours). Dinner & overnight in a yurt at 3300m.

Trekking and Hiking in Kyrgyzstan in the Alay Mountains

Sary-Mogol Pass 4303m



Trekking distance/time: 15 km/ 4-hours, Ascent/Descent: 25 m/ 325 m

Meals: B, L, D, Accommodation: Yurt camp 

Today is an easy walk on an unpaved road along the river leading down to Sary Mogol village (3hr). We spot many yurts of shepherds tending their livestock and busy with everyday activities of nomads. Arrive at your homestay and enjoy a home-cooked lunch. Take a shower, and enjoy the WIFI. After lunch, we will drive to the yurt camp at Tulpar Kol near Lenin Peak Base Camp (1 hour). Tulpar Kol is a series of lakes set in the foothills of the Pamir Mountain – it is a great spot for photography and easy walking. Dinner and overnight stay in a yurt.


Tulpar-Kul lake 3500 m



Trekking distance/time: 15 km/ 8-hours,  Ascent/Descent: 910m/ 280m

Meals: B, L, D,  Accommodation: Tent 

This day is the most challenging of the circuit. Wake up early. After breakfast, we will head south from Tulparkol Lake to Camp One standing at 4400 meters right at the foot Lenin Peak. We pass by mountaineering camps and  begin the ascent to Traveler’s Pass. Traveler’s Pass summit is a steep switchback to more great views of the Pamirs. After summiting the pass we will descend for lunch. Enjoy lunch with the many marmots in the area! After lunch is a gradual climb to Camp One. The last stretch before Camp One is a challenging uphill climb, complicated by the often adverse weather conditions. The trails of this section are subject to quickly changing quality and accessibility. Use extreme caution. Arrive at Camp One. Enjoy the glaciated valley of Lenin Peak. Dinner and accommodation in alpine tents. Camp One has a small convenience store for basics – water, drinks, and simple foods can be bought if needed. Prices are higher than what you will find in Osh City.


Camp 1 at the foot of giant Lenin peak


DAY 7. TO YUHINA PEAK at 5130 meter

Trekking distance/time: 6 km/ 7-hours,  Ascent/Descent: 700 m/  700 m

Meals: B, L, D, Accommodation: Tent

Wake up early to explore the glaciers and crevices of the valley. After breakfast, we will begin an ascent of nearby Yukhina Peak at 5130 meters. A steep ascent (4-hours) and thin air make it a challenging hike. A towering and massive glaciated peaks open up on the top. Enjoy your accomplishment. Lunch on Yukhina Peak. Return to Camp One for dinner (2-hours).


Enjoying the accomplishment at Yuhina Peak 5130m Photo: Alison Newberry



Trekking distance/time: 15 km/ 6-hours,  Ascent/Descent: 280m/ 910 m

Meals: B, L, 

After breakfast, we will return to the yurt camp at Tulpar Kol Lake where our driver is waiting for you. Lunch at Tulparkol Lake and transfer to Osh. 

Price for Lenin Peak Base Camp Trek Guided Tour (8 days)

Number of people 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Price per person in USD 1690 1050 850 780 760 730 700 670


  • Transport from/to Osh city
  • Accommodation in Guesthouse/Yurt/Tents
  • All food*, three meals a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) during the tour
  • English-speaking guide
  • Luggage horses + horsemen (Only for the first 5 days)
  • Drinking water
  • Border permit (note: last-minute border permit requests require a surcharge)

*Please let us know in advance if you are vegetarian/vegan or if you have food allergies.

Not Included:

  • Hotel and meals in Osh before and after the tour
  • Alcoholic, soft, coffee, mineral drinks
  • Tips are not included but would be appreciated
  • Health/Travel insurance
  • Items not mentioned above

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The trek has been shortened to 7 days at the request of two travelers.

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    Lenin Peak Base Camp Trek Photo Gallery

    Practical Information for Trekking and Hiking to Lenin Peak Base Camp in Kyrgyzstan

    The following section provides practical travel information for trekking and hiking to Lenin Peak Base Camp in the Pamir-Alay Mountains of southern Kyrgyzstan. It also includes details specific for this Lenin Peak Base Camp Trek (in addition to the tour information above). Find even more travel and trekking information on Lenin Peak Base Camp.

    Lenin Peak is a mountain peak that is 7,134 meters (23,406 feet) high located in the Pamir Mountains on the border of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. It is regarded as one of the easiest 7000-meter peaks to climb, making it a popular peak for mountain climbers and mountaineers from around the world to summit.

    The Lenin Peak Base Camp (Camp One) is located at the foot of Lenin Peak at an elevation of 4,400 meters/14,435 feet. It is where mountaineers acclimatize for a few days before beginning their journey towards the summit. For this Lenin Peak Base Camp Trek, we not only hike up to the Camp One, but we spend two nights there in its tents.


    The best time to trek or hike up to Lenin Peak Base Camp is during the summer months between July and early September. The temperatures at this time are warm and range from -5 to +5 degrees Celsius at night to 20-25 degrees during the daytime. The weather is relatively stable, but as this is a high mountain area it can change at any time so it is important to be prepared for this. This is also the time when the hiking trail is most safe from snow and ice.

    Hiking up to Lenin Peak Base Camp is considered a difficult or challenging trek due to its steep ascents and descents, high altitudes and mountain passes, difficult terrain with scree, snow and rocks. Trekkers should be physically fit with experience with  treks at altitude with steep climbs and challenging trails.

    Our Lenin Peak Base Camp Trek is 8 days long, starting first with Jiptick (4,185 m) and Sary Mogul (4,306 m) mountain passes and building up to Base Camp One (4,400 meters / 14,435 feet) and Yuhina Peak (5,130 meters / 16,830 feet). It’s important to have a good level of fitness for this trek and take time to acclimatize properly. If you have trouble with altitude and steep ascents at the beginning, we can assist you with horses over the first couple passes. However, the trek to Peak Lenin Base Camp and Yuhina Peak will be without luggage horses to support.

    Hiking to Lenin Peak Base Camp (as opposed to climbing to the top of Lenin Peak) requires no specialized mountaineering equipment. Trekkers should have sturdy hiking boots, warm clothing layers (it gets especially cold at night), water and wind-proof jackets, a sleeping bag, and a day backpack to carry essentials like snacks, water and sunscreen.


    You can find a specific packing list and gear recommendations for our Lenin Peak Base Camp Trek above under “Trip Details.”


    The accommodation at Lenin Peak Base Camp One (4,400 meters / 14,435 feet) are comfortable, especially considering the high and remote location. It consists of individual (2-person) alpine tents that come with a sleeping mat (you need to have your own sleeping bag) and shared bathrooms (divided by gender). Hot meals are provided to everyone in a big group dining tent. All supplies are brought in by the trekking companies, and the camp usually begins in July and ends in early September.

    Our 8-day Lenin Peak Base Camp Trek has a combination of different accommodations, including family guest houses, yurt stays and tents. With the guest houses and yurt stays, expect to share a room with 3-6 people with shared toilets (usually outside, so be sure to have a headlamp to navigate). You will be provided with a bed or mat, and warm blankets. Hot showers are available on days 1, 3(during lunch), and 5. You can see more information in “Trip Details” above.

    These are not luxury accommodations, but they are all clean and offer a personalized touch. We work directly with local families who are the hosts to make sure these are an authentic experience. In fact, sleeping in yurts in the mountains is often one of the highlights for travelers on our treks.


    The Pamir-Alay Mountains in Kyrgyzstan are very safe and you don’t need to worry about personal attacks or theft. However, Lenin Peak Base Camp is at a high altitude of 4,400 meters / 14,435 feet so there is a risk of altitude sickness and extreme cold as the temperatures drop considerably at night and the wind can be fierce.

    In order to prevent altitude sickness, trekkers should acclimatize properly before attempting to hike to Lenin Peak Base Camp and Yuhina Peak (see more information on this below). In addition, pack warm and wind/waterproof layers to stay warm in changing mountain weather.

    When you book a guided Lenin Peak Base Camp Trek with us, our experienced guides will provide you advice and support to manage altitude sickness and other possible illnesses.

    Yes, trekkers need a special permit from the Kyrgyzstan government to hike to Lenin Peak Base Camp and it costs around $15 for the regular application time (1-3 weeks) and $30-$50 for expedited services (e.g., 1-3 days). It is important to obtain the permit before embarking on the trek to Base Camp One. The permit can be obtained through a local tour company.

    Note: Visit Alay includes the application process and cost of the permit (for regular speed applications) for Lenin Peak Base Camp as part of the tour price.

    The Pamir-Alay Mountains have some high altitude mountain passes (over 4,000-5,000 meters) and trails, so it’s important to be take precautions against altitude sickness, especially if you don’t have prior experience trekking or hiking at altitude.

    This Peak Lenin Base Camp Trek has four mountain passes over 4,000 meters / 13,120 feet and one peak summit at 5,130 meters / 16,830 feet, meaning that acclimatizing to altitude will be very important for its successful completion. We recommend the following steps and precautions to avoid altitude sickness for a more enjoyable experience. These recommendations apply to the Peak Lenin Base Camp Trek and any of our high altitude trekking tours.

    Recommendations to Avoid Altitude Sickness

    • Rest for at least one night in Osh after your international flight: This is important if you are traveling a long distance and have jet lag. Starting the trek rested will help your body adjust to altitude in the next days.
    • Acclimatize with a lower elevation hike or trek first: We highly recommend you to take a trek at 2000-2500 meters around Kyrgyzstan before this trek. We have other horse treks or treks by foot at lower altitude if you plan to take them.  
    • Drink lots and lots of water: One of the best ways to combat altitude sickness is by drinking lots and lots of water. Try and start and end your day by drinking a liter of water. Your body will be thankful for it. 
    • Eat, even if you might lose your appetite at altitude: It’s common to not be very hungry at high elevations, but it’s still important to try and keep eating so that your body has energy to use when climbing ascents and going up. Take nuts or dried fruits (the Osh Bazaar is a great place to pick these up) as healthy snacks along the hiking trail.
    • Move slowly when trekking or hiking at altitude:  A slow and steady pace walking up hills and when climbing up to high mountain passes is the best way to not tire yourself out and also allow your body to adapt to the higher elevations. This is much better for your body than racing up a hill and then resting for long periods of time.

    Note: Some of our clients come directly without doing any high altitude adaptation. They just start the trek one day after they arrive in the country. It affects their sleep and causes headaches during the trek. However, all of our customers manage to do the trek even though they get high altitude issues thanks to the support of our expert trekking guides. On this Peak Lenin Base Camp Trek, it is possible to use horses for support over Jiptick and Sary Mogul Passes, but not on the hike to Base Camp or Yuhina Peak. These high altitude segments of the trail need to be done on foot.

    Yes, all of our trekking and hiking tours in Kyrgyzstan are fully guided and supported tours and that includes this guided Peak Lenin Base Camp Trek (8 days). This means you will always have a mountain guide during the trek to guide and support you along the trail.

    Our experienced guides have at least three year’s guiding experience and will provide you with all the necessary information you need for the trek and guide you along the hiking trails. They will be with you at all times to make sure everything is OK, safe and provide support if you need additional help. All the guides speak a good English and little bit of Russian.

    The Peak Lenin Base Camp Trek includes an experienced mountain guide, horsemen, horses to carry luggage/gear (until Tulpar Kol Lake), and transport transfers. This means that all you need to do each day is enjoy the stunning scenery and experience without worrying about getting lost, where to eat and sleep, and carrying heavy gear. All of that will be taken care of you by us.

    Please see above for a full list of services included in this trekking tour.

    There are clean mountain springs throughout the Pamir-Alay Mountains and specifically during the first few days of the Peak Lenin Base Camp Trek. We can refill water bottles from these springs. To be on the safe side, bring purification drops or powder to clean river or spring waters. Yurt stays will provide boiled water, if needed. Homestays have bottled waters brought from cities where you can refill your bottle or you can ask for boiled water.

    For the second part of this trek from Tulpar Kol Lake to Peak Lenin Base Camp to Yuhina Peak, there will be fewer mountain springs so drinking water will be provided by the yurt camp and Base Camp.

    We advise visitors to drink as much water as possible to avoid dehydration and avoid altitude sickness.

    John Callens

    Top experience: well organised & tailored on the needs & demands of the different participants. We did the 8 days trekking tour with 6 persons + 2 guides + 2 horses. Impressed by the kindness, magnificent nature & landscapes. 

    Guénola Antoine J

    A trek to do absolutely. Kubat, our guide spoke very good English. He was attentive to our comfort, willingly shared his culture and his knowledge of the country. The landscapes are breathtaking and the pace very appropriate. We highly recommend this great experience.

    Amazing and well organized 8-day trek through the Alay mountains. This was my first multi-day trekking trip and it was an incredible experience. The views everyday were different and surreal, it was some of the most stunning landscapes I’d ever seen.